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I am moving abroad. What do I need to do before the move?
I am moving abroad. What do I need to do before the move?

The best moving tips from Flyttsmart

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When moving abroad, you need to arrange this:

  • Get expert help

    Since organising a move abroad can be complicated, we recommend professional help. At, you can talk to a moving expert and get help arranging everything free of charge.

  • Check your travel documents

    Make sure you have a valid passport and arrange a visa if you need one. Check what applies with the authorities in the country you are moving to or the country's nearest embassy.

  • Register your move

    If you plan to live abroad for a year or more, you must register your move with the Swedish Tax Agency. Use the form "Utlandsflytt", which you can find on the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

    You also need to report your move to Försäkringskassan. Please note that there are different forms depending on why you are moving abroad (work, study, or other reasons). You can find the forms on Försäkringskassan's website.

    If you are a pensioner, you must also report your move abroad to the Pensions Authority.

  • Hire move help and move cleaning

    We recommend hiring a quality-assured moving company – preferably one that specialises in moving abroad. Managing the move and the move cleaning on your own is both heavy and time-consuming, but of course, not impossible.

  • Get moving boxes and pack all your things

  • Cancel contracts and subscriptions that you no longer need

    Cancel electricity, broadband, home insurance, garbage collection, etc., well before the move to avoid double bills.

You may also want to arrange this when moving abroad:

  • Get legal advice

    It is always good to revise the law in connection with life changes, such as moving abroad.
    Read more about legal advice.

  • Get a temporary storage space

    When moving abroad, you might be unable to bring all your things and furniture. Maybe, you are just staying there temporarily and will move back home in a while? Rent a temporary storage place to solve the problem.

    Read more about temporary storage.

  • Hire a handyman

    Moving abroad is quite a big project, so you need to prioritise. How about having someone else drive your old junk to the recycling or dismantle the shelves in your walk-in closet?

    Read more about handyman services.

Do you want help with your move abroad?

Please contact us at, 08-12 00 88 22, or use the chat function. We are happy to help you – all the way.

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