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I want to take care of the move on my own, without hiring a moving company. What do I need to know?
I want to take care of the move on my own, without hiring a moving company. What do I need to know?

The best moving tips from Flyttsmart

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Want to take care of the move on your own, without the help of a moving company? Here are our best tips:

  • Get help from friends and family

    Check with your people well before the moving day if you do not want to carry everything yourself. Try to estimate how many hours you need help, and do not forget to promise some form of reward to those who show up. A classic moving pizza when everything is done is more or less mandatory.

  • Rent the trailer or van for long enough

    This is not the time to be greedy - stress will not make your move smoother. When choosing which trailer or van to rent, assume that you need 0.8 cubic meters per packing box.

  • Let one person do the loading

    It's easiest if one person is responsible for loading everything on the trailer or van - choose someone who has played a lot of Tetris in their days. The rest of you helps out with carrying the things from your home to the car.

  • Load in the correct order

    Start with big things such as sofas, beds and dressers and take lighter and fragile items last. Don't push it: it is not the end of the world if you have to go 2–3 times.

  • Unpack smartly

    Put beds, sofas and bureaus in the right place in your new home at once, and the packing boxes in the right room. That way, you do not have to move them around yourself later.

  • Keep the road clear

    Make sure to leave space in the hall and clear the way into all rooms. This will make it easier to put the more oversized furniture in the right place at once.

Have you registered your new address and signed up for electricity, internet, insurance and everything else?

Moving your things is not all you have to do before your move. At, you easily get everything done in one place – quick, safe and free of charge.

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