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I am moving to an apartment. What do I need to do before the move?
I am moving to an apartment. What do I need to do before the move?

The best moving tips from Flyttsmart

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When moving to an apartment, you need to arrange this:

  • Register your new address with the Swedish Tax Agency

    It is mandatory to register your new address with the Swedish Tax Agency if you are going to live there for more than six months.

You may also need to arrange this when moving to an apartment:

  • Get internet for your new home

    In some cases, broadband is included in the monthly rent or the fee to your housing association. There is no risk for signing double agreements at Flyttsmart, though – our digital service knows whether there is a group agreement at your new address or not. You can always check with the landlord or the housing association board if you want a clear answer to what applies.

    Also, do not forget to cancel your current broadband if you have one.

  • Do a proper clear-out

    If you are moving from a villa or a larger apartment, you may not have room for all your things in your new accommodation. Whether you want to save items for later or throw them away, you will find the help you need at

    Read about how to get a temporary storage place.
    Read about how to get help with recycling (in Stockholm and Uppsala).

  • Get a home alarm system

    Installing an alarm system in your apartment does not cost much but dramatically increases your security. At, you will find one of the market's best offers.

  • Arrange parking for your car

    It is never too early to start reviewing the parking options near your new address. Maybe it is worth renting an outdoor parking space or a garage space?

Do you have more questions about moving to an apartment?

Please contact us at, 08-12 00 88 22, or use the chat function to get help.

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