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How do I choose a move help provider?
How do I choose a move help provider?

The best moving tips from Flyttsmart

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It is not always easy to choose – especially if there are many options. Here are our best tips for choosing a moving company:

  • Do not let the price fool you when selecting a move help provider

Choosing a provider based on the best price is never a good idea. With that said, there are, of course, moving companies that offer both a reasonable price and excellent service.

  • Do your research ...

Make sure that the moving company you consider:

- Offers quality guarantee and has satisfied customers

- Offers rut deduction and takes care of the whole process

- Has liability insurance and accident insurance

- Has an SRY vocational certificate or similar education

- Has a traffic permit from the Swedish Transport Agency.

  • ... or let us do it for you!

When you hire move help at, you can be sure that the company you choose meets the requirements above. We ensure the quality of all our suppliers.

Do you have questions about a specific move help provider?

Please contact us at, 08-12 00 88 22 or use the chat function.

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